Sidus Space Engages GTM Advanced Structures to Integrate Space-Proven Solar Panels into LizzieSatTM

November 17th, 2022

Sidus Space. Inc. will partner with GTM to integrate its solar panels into LizzieSat™. LizzieSat is a proprietary partially 3-D printed satellite that is expected to launch in 2023.  The (8) deployed and additional body mounted solar panels of the satellite are going to generate up to 400 watts of usable power for satellite operations and up to 50 watts continuous for payloads. GTM will utilize its space-proven solar panel manufacturing heritage, employing industry leading Azur Space solar cell assemblies (SCA) to provide Sidus Space with high reliability performance over the orbital lifetime of LizzieSat™.

Read the Press release (ENG) for more information.