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Huge investment for the Composite Automation Development Centre (CADC)

The cooperative association Kansen voor West contributes 4.25 million euros in GTM and its 7 other CADC-project partners for the automation and digitization of the composite manufacturing industry.

Bundling of high-tech companies in The Hague strengthens international competitive position

The 'Technology Park Ypenburg' has been officially kicked off. In this program four companies, including GTM, together with the municipality of The Hague will jointly invest 1.6 million euros in automated and digitized production of advanced materials.
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Space in images: hypervelocity impact testing on Space FML

Andreas Tesch and Benoit Bonvoisin (ESA) discuss the results of the hypervelocity impact tests on fiber metal laminates produced by GTM.

Financial support for the smart industry in the Netherlands

The Dutch government underlines the importance of the smart industry for the Netherlands by announcing a financial support for the area Rotterdam-Den Haag.
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NextGen CubeSat

GTM has joined forces with Hyperion Technologies to develop and realize a spacecraft bus for a high performance 12U CubeSat.
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Space FML high velocity impact tests

As part of ESA's GSTP program newly developed Space FML's are succesfully tested on high velocity impact (HVI) resistance by Frauenhofer institute.
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Airscan succesfully implemented

This new asset enables us to inspect structural panels for spacecraft applications.

New 3-axis CNC milling machine

By acquiring the Quaser MV 184 P we can meet the high aerospace standards in machining and measurement.