The Future of high-tech looks bright!

The high-tech manufacturing industry in The Hague is growing rapidly and great things are about to happen. The extension of the solar panel facility of GTM Advanced Structures is one of them.

mPower Technology & GTM Advanced Structures Announce Strategic Partnership for Automated, High-Volume Space Panel Manufacturing

mPower Technology Announces Strategic Partnership and Factory Expansion with GTM Advanced Structures for Automated, High-Volume Space Panel Manufacturing

Sidus Space Engages GTM Advanced Structures to Integrate Space-Proven Solar Panels into LizzieSatTM

Sidus Space. Inc. will partner with GTM to integrate its solar panels into LizzieSat™. LizzieSat is a proprietary partially 3-D printed satellite that is expected to launch in 2023. 

mtex and GTM join forces to build the TIM telescope

mtex and GTM are collaborating to develop, manufacture and test the structure for the TIM telescope. The TIM telescope is a balloon-borne telescope that could provide vital insight into the evolution of the galaxy.